Feb. 11th, 2017

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I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I had a writing idea! I am making... slow progress with it, but more than no progress. It's a bit like...
  • Spent a few days enthusiastically writing up the flashy action scene that was the original seed of the idea
  • Started trying to write a beginning for the story, character introductions and that kind of stuff, but didn't really know what I was doing with it
  • Took a break for a while because all the handwriting was making my wrist flare up
  • Came back to things, having given up on the idea of "starting at the beginning" for now. Wrote a couple of bits of dialogue that would go after the flashy action scene instead
  • Tried describing the idea to a friend at the pub, and ended up working out how to flesh out one of those bits of dialogue a bit more. (Haven't written this down yet, but it reassures me that the idea isn't dead yet.)
I haven't been writing this weekend, but I will probably try and tease out a little more of the idea on the train on Monday morning, or some point this week.

Plus, a stuff-I-read roundup! Just the one book this time:

Carry On, Rainbow Rowell. The premise for this book is a bit silly - it's an original piece of fiction based off fictional fan-fiction of a fictional piece of fiction, which was key to the plot of Rainbow Rowell's previous work of fiction, Fangirl. But, it's very good! Fangirl was a story about a girl who is very active in the fandom of a fictional Harry-Potter-alike, Simon Snow; Carry On is a final year Drarry-fic equivalent for the Snow universe. Rowell does a supreme job of making the whole thing feel familiar, even though we've not followed Simon through all the previous years of school like with Harry. (I think part of this is exactly because she's using the Chosen One story and fic tropes that I'm familiar with - but it works very well, and I found it enjoyable.)


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