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 So! After a long phase of feeling whiny about writing, this month I am going for some cheerful "actually getting it done". I've set myself a gentle 25k word goal for Camp NaNo, clubbed together with a cabin for writers from another site I hang out on, and started working on a cool idea from a couple of years ago that cake back to me recently. I'm feeling quite positive right now - the half-size goal feels much more achievable than a full 50k, and even though I've had a busy weekend, I'm sitting comfortably at 2500 words already.

As I say, the idea is one that's been kicking around for a while: it's a kind of low fantasy thing, with a setting that's a sort of trick-mirroe reflection of immediately post-WWI Britain, although I'm sure it's going to develop its own personality as I go, if only because I don't know a huge amount about post-WWI Britain (I know a lot more about post-WWII...). There are elves and dwarves and humans, but there's not really any magic, and I'm really interested in the politics of how the three species coexist. (Elves can't touch iron - have the other two agreed not to use it?)

It's kind of funny seeing how far back the roots of this story go. The main characters grew out of a conversation that was pretty much "imagine if Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli were dating. And also women.", and that was a good four years ago now, I reckon. Having given the ideas time to mature in the back of my head has been good for them, I hope.

I don't really have a plan for the plot of this thing, just an idea of the first few scenes to write. By the time I've finished those, I hope to have an idea of which ones to do next, and so on, so I get through the thing in a slightly more relaxed version of Wallace and Gromit riding the model train in The Wrong Trousers...


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