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Much like many people, I'm sure, I find my life goes through phases. Often cyclically so.

Not very long ago, I was feeling very down on myself for not doing anything 'interesting'. I worked, I ate, I slept, (I also hung out with friends a bunch but apparently that doesn't count, according to my brain). Meanwhile, my partner is churning out a song fitted to a prescribed theme every week, in between band practises, and through him I'm exposed to a bunch of other musicians who jam or compose on the regular.

So, I made this Dreamwidth.

...and I picked up my camera and started trying to take a photo every day again, using a 30-day challenge.

...and I picked up a learn-Japanese app recommended by a friend, and started trying to learn some of that.

...and I stuck my nose back into an online writing forum I used to hang out on, and decided to get back into reviewing other people's writing on there.

...and then agreed to try doing NaPoWriMo after talking to an old friend on that forum.

...and then I come roaring down in flames? This evening I am feeling incredibly tired (and incredibly grumpy, partly due to a long-running board game we have been playing which I have not been enjoying) and down on myself (ha) for... I don't know. Trying to do too much?

There has to be a middle ground, here. I suspect I have overshot it. (I also suspect I need to get some sleep and quit moping.)

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